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Although the first Rutgers PhD in Mathematics was not awarded in 1950, Masters degrees have been awarded at Rutgers since the 1850's, and specifically in Mathematics since the 1870's.

Pre-history (1870-1906):

During 1850-1870, Rutgers routinely conferred an Arts Masters degree (AM) one year after the undergraduate degree. No coursework was required. One such degree was awarded to Joseph Bradley (Rutgers 1853; AM 1856), in whose honor the Bradley Math Prize has been awarded since 1926.

The MSc degree: In 1870, Rutgers created a postgraduate study program, in order to award a certificate to people who took an extra undergraduate course after graduation. Specialized graduate courses formally appeared in 1876. While taking such courses, graduate students were often appointed as a "Tutor in Mathematics"; this was the forerunner of the modern Teaching Assistant. About 12 people received a "Master of Science degree in Mathematics" (MSc) during the era 1870-1906. (At this time, Engineering and Astronomy were still considered branches of Mathematics.)

The first MSc degrees in Mathematics were awarded to

  • James Barton (BSc 1871; Tutor 1873-74; MSc 1874) and
  • Albert S. Cook (BSc 1872; Tutor 1872-73; MSc 1875).
    Other masters degrees were awarded to men who went on to become professors at Rutgers:
  • Alfred Titsworth (MSc 1878) "The Parabolic Truss";
  • Robert Prentiss (MSc 1881);
  • William Breazeale (MSc 1895); and
  • Richard Morris (MSc 1902).

    The Mathematics Department had other graduate students of this type in the 1890's including: DeWitt, F. Van Horn (MSc 1893), R. Allen (MSc 1897), Scattergood (MSc 1897), Mowler (MSc 1899), VanDyck Jr. (AM 1899) and E. Tillyer (MSc 1905).

    When the Mathematics department was formally organized in 1906, it stopped admitting graduate students. There would be no graduate mathematics program for almost 25 years.

    A New Beginning (1930-1940):

    In 1929, a new Masters degree in Mathematics was created, requiring 8 courses and a written thesis. (Up to four graduate courses were offered each semester.) The first such degree was awarded in 1930 to Charles Eason. The first woman to receive a Rutgers M.Sc. degree in Math was Eveline Stevens in 1934 (NJC '32). Professors Brasefield and Starke were the advisors for most of these students; their Masters theses may be inspected in Rutgers' Math Library. There were 9 MSc degrees granted during the 1930's; this type of degree ended with World War II.

    Name Year Advisor Thesis Title
    Charles R. Eason 1930 Brasefield Some geometric properties of the Laplacian polar potential field
    Eveline Stevens 1934 Inversion of integrals by means of mapping on Riemann surfaces QA.S844I
    Merle Galbraith 1934 Special methods of separating a proper fraction into partial fractions QA.G148S
    Ruth S. Berkow 1936 Starke A study of the quintic equation QA.B513S
    Julius Bertram 1937 Differential geometry in the plane QA.J94D
    Nelson A. Brigham 1938 Analytical geometry in the complex plane QA.B855A
    Donald N. Armstrong 1939 An investigation into some methods of solving numerical equations QA.A735I

    The Reformation (1947-1960)

    The graduate program in mathematics was reorganized in 1947, after World War II, to resume the masters program and create a new doctoral program. The first post-war masters degree was awarded in 1947, and the first Ph.D. in Mathematics at Rutgers was awarded in 1951, to George Cherlin (Rutgers College '47; MSc '49). Also in 1947, Rutgers began awarding degrees in October as well as in June.

    During the first decade of the new PhD, the Masters degree was more popular than a PhD. There were 5 PhDs and 40 MSc degrees granted during 1948-1960.

    Name Year Advisor Thesis Title
    Lewis C. Butler May 1948 Fender The representation of functions by infinite processes
    Robert Stewart Jun 1949 A study of the solution of the quadratic diophantine equation in two... QA.S849St
    George Y. Cherlin Oct 1949 M.Robertson (got PhD in 1951)
    Ruth Davids Oct 1949 On Laurent Schwartz's generalized notion of derivative QA.D251O
    Bernard Eisenberg Jan 1950 The difference equation as applied to probability QA.E36D
    Richard K. Brown Jun 1950 M.Robertson (got PhD in 1952)
    Jane Ammerman Oct 1950 Bounds for the moduli of the roots of an algebraic equation
    Richard Elitharp 1950 M.Ed. degree
    Carmen Campopiano Jun 1951 Two classes of definite integro-differential systems QA.C198Tw
    Hermann Munick Jun 1951
    Bernard A. Sobel Jun 1951 Ordinal exponentiation in partly ordered sets QA.S677Or
    Walter C. Frey Oct 1951 Propositions equivalent to the axiom of choice in axiomatic set theory QA.F893Pr
    Joe L. Connors Jun 1952 An EDVAC solution of the cubic QA.C752E
    Sandra Schwartz Oct 1952
    John Bender Jun 1953 Zimmerberg Systems of linear integral equations QA.B458S (got PhD in 1958)
    Billy E. Rhoades May 1953 Zimmerberg On forming partial differential equations and Euler's equation (got PhD in 1958)
    Sufian Husseini Aug 1954 Wolfson Dual and topological linear spaces
    Charles Meadow Oct 1954 Fender Some solutions to the laminar boundary layer problem...
    Frank Wehrfritz 1954 Linear Curve Fitting for two variables QA.W414L
    Walter Gegorzak 1955
    Allen H. Miller 1955
    Earl David Myers May 1955 A Study of the methods for Semantical Analysis developed by Frege and Carnap
    Annette Rebarber Jun 1955 O. Alisbach On Green's function and formulae
    Guy W. Ricker 1955
    Aaron Seigel 1955 Formal product theorems in triple trigonometric series QA.S571Fo
    Jeremy Lifsey 1956
    Robert K. Stump Jun 1956 Grant
    Robert V. Wagner Jun 1956
    James P. Aaron 1957 Comparison of the operating characteristic curves of a single...
    George A. Brown May 1957
    William Q. Simpkins Jun 1957
    Esther Guerin Oct 1957
    Donald R. King 1957
    William E. Gould 1958
    James B. Herder 1958
    William R. Jones May 1958
    John P. Jordan 1958
    John C. Leavy 1958
    Richard G. Bauer Jun 1959 The algebra and geometry of polyadic quasigroups and loops QA.B3448A

    The Sputnik Era (1960-1970)

    In October 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first manmade satellite, Sputnik. The United States reacted by investing massive resources into scientific training, including in mathematics. At Rutgers, this resulted in an increase in the number of mathematics masters degrees (from five to 10 or more per year). During the nest decade (1960-1970), Rutgers awarded 49 PhD's and 118 masters degrees in pure Mathematics. This total excludes the 50 Masters in Science Teaching degrees awarded by the Academic Year Institute at the tail end of the decade.

    Number of MSc degrees per year:

    1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970
    5 9 8 2 8 25 14 10 15 6 16

    Roland B. DiFranco Jun 1960
    Robert M. Fesq Jun 1960
    DeeLoris Parker Jun 1960
    Eric Langford Jun 1960
    Sybil A. Jakob Jun 1960
    Joseph Barback Jun 1961
    David R. Beaucage Jun 1961
    Joseph Bogelsong Jun 1961
    James D. Cowie Jun 1961
    Leonard Gewirtzman Jun 1961
    Russ Gnoffo Jun 1961
    Angelo Pelios Jun 1961 (got PhD in 1964)
    Lawrence B. Shlar Jun 1961
    Fred Scharf Jun 1961
    William H. Caldwell Jun 1962
    Anne O'Amato Jun 1962
    William E. Kirwan Jun 1962 (got PhD in 1964)
    Myron Rosenbaurn Jun 1962
    Fred J. Sansone Jun 1962
    Chung-Lie Wang Jun 1962 (got PhD in 1964)
    Albert Livingston Jun 1962
    Lucille C. Heller Jun 1962
    Noel D. Matchelt Jun 1963
    Vincent Mancuso Jun 1963
    Claussa Rinnaman Jan 1964
    William E. Baker Jun 1964
    Herbert I. Brown Jun 1964
    Peter Alan Favla Jun 1964
    Anton Freihofner Jun 1964
    Matthew J. Hassett Jun 1964
    Clifton A. Lando Jun 1964
    Harry L. Stein Jun 1964
    Sarah Allen Bach Jun 1965 (25 MSc degrees conferred in 1965)
    Herbert I. Brown Jun 1965
    Harry W. Berkowitz Jun 1965
    John J. Burkard Jun 1965
    Floyd B. Cole III Jun 1965
    Kenneth DeFeo Jun 1965
    Paul A. Drobinski Jun 1965
    Brian F. Dunn Jun 1965
    James A. Erwenski Jun 1965
    Peter Jon Evanwitch Jun 1965
    Martha Faulk Jun 1965
    Judy Forward Jun 1965
    Ronald W. French Jun 1965
    Norman Frohlich Jun 1965
    Charles B. Hallahan Jun 1965
    Ronald Hartberger Jun 1965
    William E. Howden Jun 1965
    Mary Moss Jackson Jun 1965
    Timothy Killeen Jun 1965
    Theresa Michnowecz Jun 1965
    Richard E. Munson Jun 1965
    Paul Nelson Jun 1965
    Gerald Urgar Jun 1965 M.A.
    Zelda R. Wasserman Jun 1965
    Barbara J. Briggs Oct 1965
    John M. Kellett Oct 1965

    The Academic Year Institute (1966-1975)

    Educational initiatives for teaching were created by Title V of the U.S. Higher Education Act of 1965, for college graduates committed to careers in elementary and secondary education. In response, Rutgers created an Academic Year Institute (AYI) with NSF funds and admitted 36 students in 1966. In 1967 and 1968, a joint Math Department/Graduate School of Education curriculum awarded 40 and 36 MA degrees in Mathematics. A sister "Prospective Teacher Fellowship Program" existed during 1968-1970, before evolving into the In-service Institute For Secondary and College Teachers, also funded by the NSF and run by Professor Barlaz.

    Students at both the AYI and In-Service Institute earned the Master of Science for Teachers (MST). This MST program ran from 1966 to 1974; it conferred 20 MST degrees in the first class (1968), 42 MST degrees in 1972, and none in 1976. The last two M.S.T. degrees were awarded in 1977 and 1982. The total number of MST degrees conferred during 1966-1982 was 126.

    Name Year
    Edythe Woodruff 1969 MSc; later got PhD (1971) from SUNY/Binghamton, was Prof at Trenton State 1971-90
    ? 1966-1969 data missing (20 MST degrees awarded in 1968)
    Josephine Weber Jun 1972 MST (42 MST degrees awarded in 1972)
    John Montag Oct 1972 MST
    Janice Strand Oct 1972 MST
    Ann Waldron-Neumann Jun 1973
    Gordon Culberton Oct 1973
    Hedwig Haley Jun 1974 (24 MST degrees awarded in 1974)
    Theodore Boulos Oct 1974
    Lawrence Cohen Oct 1974
    Robert Fugera Oct 1974
    James Holmes Oct 1974
    Johnnye Horton Oct 1974
    James Knarr Oct 1974
    John Lange Oct 1974
    Edward Markunas Oct 1974
    Leslie Negus Oct 1974
    Catherine Nixon Oct 1974
    John Orolin Oct 1974
    Lawrence Pribula Oct 1974
    John Richmond Oct 1974
    Marcha Sater Oct 1974
    George Sent Oct 1974
    Fred Sharis Oct 1974
    Charlotte Suenkonis Oct 1974
    Robert Tate Oct 1974
    Edward Wallace Oct 1974
    David Wallace Oct 1974
    John Waterman Oct 1974
    L. John Webster Oct 1974
    Stephen West Oct 1974
    Jane Ann Haskzo Jun 1977 MST (Barlaz)
    Peter Kaminskas Jan 1982 MST (Barlaz/Dekker)

    The Renaissance (1970-1993)

    Number of MSc degrees per year:

    1970-71 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982
    16 10 26 10 13 13 7 9 6 4 3 5

    1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994
    4 6 2 2 10 6 5 4 5 7 6 3

    Frank DiMeglio Jun 1972 Wm. Mason
    William Heck Jun 1972 J. Rosenstein
    John Russell Jun 1972 Wheeden
    Vernon Lantis Jun 1972 Klaus Ritter
    Peter Santanello Jun 1972 Earl Taft
    Philip Sternenberg Jun 1972 Harry Gonshor
    John Stewart Jun 1972 Muckenhoupt
    Hui-Kwang Wang Jun 1972 Sol Leader
    Joan Weiss Jun 1972 Jane Scanlon
    Baochun Hwang Oct 1972 Wheeden
    Richard DiCarli Jan 1973 Carl Faith
    Kermit Friedland Jan 1973 Butler
    Virginia Hallock Jan 1973 Jacob Dekker
    Leslie Jones Jan 1973 Peter Landweber
    Jane Kimmel Jan 1973 Joseph Rosenstein
    Jau-Nan Lee Jan 1973 Frank Levin
    Rachel Potter Jan 1973 Vernon Williams
    Edward Szymanski Jan 1973 Harry Gonshor
    Joseph Brower Jun 1973 Harry Gonshor
    William DeBuvitz Jun 1973 Vernon Williams
    Geoffrey Dixon Jun 1973 Harry Gonshor
    Carolyn Edwards Jun 1973 Harry Gonshor
    Adele Eldot Jun 1973 Harry Gonshor
    Charles Farbstein Jun 1973 Joseph Johnson
    Stephen Gamer Jun 1973 Barbara Osofsky
    Edward Peter Lotkowski Jun 1973 Peter Landweber
    Claude Richet Jun 1973 Roe Goodman
    Ming-Chien Shan Jun 1973 Richard Wheeden
    Frankie Yarbrough Jun 1973 Vernon Williams
    Luis Frota-Mattos Oct 1973 Roe Goodman
    Caleb Hsien-Min Su Oct 1973 Frank Levin
    Sr. Jacquelyn Ann Balasia Oct 1973 Joshua Barlaz
    Elaine Petsu Oct 1973 Vernon Williams
    Susan J. Herman Oct 1973 Vernon Williams
    Charles Ching Cheng Oct 1973 Barbara Osofsky (PhD '74)
    Pete Mulhall Oct 1973 Joseph Rosenstein
    Ned William Schillow Jun 1974 Joshua Barlaz
    Eileen Marie Bennett Jun 1974 Solomon Leader
    Martin Roger Weissman Jun 1974 Charles Sims
    Richard Edward Shaw Jun 1974 Kenneth Johnson
    Rochelle Leibowitz Jun 1974 Fred Roberts
    Diane Lynn Friedman Oct 1974 Solomon Leader
    Lawrence Barnowsky Oct 1974 Jane Scanlon
    Thomas Albert Krefft Oct 1974 Hans Othmer
    Joseph Glaz Oct 1974 Joseph Rosenstein
    Linda Anne Tappin Oct 1974 Terence Butler
    Francis X. Felcon Jan 1975 Gorenstein
    Douglas Kurtz Jun 1975 Muckenhoupt
    James Magliano Jun 1975 Erik Ellentuck
    Bruce Babcock Jun 1975 Erik Ellentuck
    Richard Stafford Jun 1975 Solomon Leader (PhD 1977, O'Nan)
    Gery Barry Jun 1975 Fred Roberts
    Linda Groh Jun 1975 Falk The Moore-Penrose Inverse
    Charles Shenitz Jun 1975 Fred Roberts
    Bernadette Tutinas Jun 1975 David Dobbs
    John Underhill Jun 1975 Joseph D'Atri
    Stephen F. Andrilli Jun 1975 Julius Shaneson (PhD 1979, Sims)
    William Gillam Oct 1975 Barbara Osofsky
    Joy Hughes Oct 1975 Carl Faith
    Anthony Uyi Afuwape Jun 1976 Jane Scanlon
    Michael Weiss Jun 1976 Erik Ellentuck (PhD 1980, Cherlin)
    Mohamed Mhedhbi Jun 1976 Fred Roberts
    Juan Gonzalez Jun 1976 Carl Faith
    Georgina Gonzalez Jun 1976 Carl Faith
    Ed Montes Jun 1976 Issie Rabinovitch
    Zsuzsanna Kadas Jun 1976 Jane Scanlon (PhD 1982, Othmer)
    Karen Davis Jun 1976 Jane Scanlon
    Holmes Hutson Jun 1976 William Hoyt
    George Shrier Jun 1976 Richard Bumby
    Ed Dolan Jun 1976 Hans Othmer
    James Dolton Jun 1976
    Paul Karitis Oct 1976 Harry Gonshor
    Paul Roediger Jan 1977 Falk The finite element method for Sturm-Liouville boundary value problems
    Anne Wilson Jan 1977 Richard Bumby
    Peter Ortepio Jun 1977 Fred Roberts
    Michael Kent Jun 1977 William Hoyt
    Howard Mendelson Jun 1977 Richard Haberman
    Ferguson, Paul Jun 1977 Erik Ellentuck
    Johnson, Judy Jun 1977 Fred Roberts
    Thomas Niemczyk Jun 1978 Hans Othmer
    Louise Gunzenhouser Jun 1978 Stephen Greenfield
    Isabella Einthoven Jun 1978 Joanne Elliott
    David Garfield Jun 1978 Issie Rabinovitch
    Dennis Baksa Jun 1978 Falk The approximation of an unknown cofficient in a differential equation
    Margaret Dever Jun 1978 Issie Rabinovitch
    Stephen Schibell Jun 1978 Eugene Speer
    Lorraine Lotosky Jun 1978 Issie Rabinovitch
    Martin Farber Oct 1978 Pavol Hell
    Lourdes Estern Jan 1979 Glen Bredon
    Bernadette Bradley Jun 1979 Fred Roberts/Dolci
    Thu Vu Jun 1979 Roe Goodman
    Thomas Jennings Jun 1979 Eugene Speer/Isaacs
    Susan E. Grove Oct 1979 Fred Roberts
    Yui-Chi Endo Oct 1979 William Hoyt
    Sally Liu Jan 1980 Butler
    Ernst Adams Jun 1980 Muckenhoupt
    Jong-Fang Cherng Jun 1980 Pavol Hell
    John Hagedorn Oct 1980 Landweber
    Scott Warner Oct 1980 Osofsky
    Virginia Shapiro Oct 1980 Goodman now V.S. DYke
    Cliff Reiter Oct 1980 Sims
    Jin-Sheng Jiang Oct 1981 Falk (PhD May 1983)
    Luiz Camargo Oct 1981 Nussbaum
    Lilia Sham Oct 1981 Roberts
    Peter Monk Jan 1982 Falk (PhD Jan 1983)
    Paul Murray Jun 1982 Falk
    Kun Lee Oct 1982 Greenfield
    Michael Rolenz Oct 1982 Walsh
    Rekha Sabnis Oct 1982 Rohrlich
    Edna Widgerson Jun 1983 Scanlon
    Lucilia Borsari Jun 1983 Landweber (PhD Oct 1985)
    YuanZhang Xu Jun 1983 Treves
    Sandra Caravella Oct 1983 Greenfield (PhD Oct 1990, Petrie)
    David Doster Jan 1984 Bumby
    Lawrence Harvey Jan 1984 Roberts
    Earl Gladue Jun 1984 Roberts
    Johann Boegle Oct 1984 Kosinski
    Wei-si Jiang Oct 1984 Muckenhoupt
    Ed Reiser Oct 1984 D'Atri
    Qing Wang Oct 1985 Muckenhoupt
    Colin McRae Oct 1985 Beals
    Peter Schweikhardt Jun 1986 Roberts
    Barry Westgate Oct 1986 Roberts
    Thomas Gallini Jan 1987 Falk
    Stephen Alessandrini May 1987 Falk (PhD Oct 1991)
    Bonnie Brooks May 1987 Falk
    Scott Werfel May 1987 Lebowita/Wertheim
    Gary Berkowitz May 1987 Barros-Neto
    Ahsun Rhee May 1987 Roberts
    Frank Boesch May 1987 Roberts
    Brian Scott May 1987 Jim Cogdell
    Isabelle Salaen Oct 1987 Kahn
    Patricia Doherty Oct 1987 Roberts
    Andrew Weate Jan 1988 Scheffer
    Richard Porter May 1988 Jean Taylor
    Eda Melendez May 1988 Sontag
    Min Jae Yu May 1988 Saks
    Thomas Levosky May 1988 Falk
    Jun Gao Oct 1988 Ocone/Greenfield
    Jui-Ling Hwang Jan 1989 Pierre Hansen
    Ron Lessnick Jan 1989 Scanlon
    Augusta Rainsford Jan 1989 Pierre Hansen
    Lino Sosa May 1989 Jean Taylor
    Roy Atul Oct 1989 Paul Hewitt/Greenfield
    Wei-Ching Quek May 1990 Kosinski
    George Mukalel May 1990 Lebowitz
    Elizabeth Leavy May 1990 Goodman
    Kristi Keller Oct 1990 E.Speer
    Meiling Gao Jan 1991 Wheeden
    Jeong-A Kim Jan 1991 Ocone (PhD Oct 1993, Kahn)
    Sara Kuplinsky Jan 1991 F.Roberts
    John Nahay May 1991 Muckenhoupt (PhD May 2000, Cohn)
    Anna Wlodarczyk Oct 1991 Scanlon
    Mary McDermott May 1992 Sims
    Jeff Young May 1992 Walsh
    Alexis Humphreys May 1992 Gindikin
    Andy Watkins May 1992 Vasconcelos
    Steven Wilmarth May 1992 D'Atri
    Michael Kravitz May 1992 Falk
    Jim Sweetman May 1992 Wheeden
    Eran Makover Oct 1993 Gindikin
    Andrea Sufke Oct 1993 J.Taylor
    Naomi Klarreich Oct 1993 Landweber
    Michael Leonard May 1993 Sontag
    Robert Lyons May 1993 Goodman
    David Webb Oct 1993 Muckenhoupt (PhD May 1995)

    The Modern Era (1994-present)

    Since 1994, the MSc degree in Math has not been emphasized. As a result, the numbers of degrees awarded has fallen back to the lower levels that prevailed in the 1950's.
    Number of MSc degrees per year:

    1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
    3 4 4 9 5 6 1 1 1 2 3 1 3

    Rick Desper May 1994 J. Kahn (PhD May 1998, Farach)
    Mike Joachim Oct 1994 Landweber
    Jennifer Rippel Oct 1994 Saks
    Jean Cadet Jan 1995 B.Walsh
    Sandra Davis Jan 1995 B.Walsh
    Richard Bonilla May 1995 M.Beals
    Joseph Simmons May 1995 D.Ocone
    Margaret Beauregard May 1996 C.Faith
    Renny Thoms May 1996 Sontag
    Jeff Vogel May 1996 J.Kahn
    Joshua Kutchai Oct 1996 Sims
    Mikhail Krichman Jan 1997 Sontag (PhD Jan 2000)
    Douglas Bonar Jan 1997 Petrie
    Nick Taussig Jan 1997 Duke
    Robert Wooley Jan 1997 Sontag
    Hany Malek Jan 1997 Barros-Neto
    Lorraine Farrell May 1997 Lepowsky
    Corinne Kassapoglou-Faist May 1997 Nussbaum
    Alexander Ng May 1997 Beck
    Tong Tu May 1997 Falk (PhD May 1998)
    There were no Masters degrees awarded in Oct 1997 and Jan 1998.
    Koray Atasoy May 1998 Kantor/Landweber
    Thomas Bullock Oct 1998 Falk
    David Friedman Oct 1998 Beck
    Quan Hu Oct 1998 Taft
    Robert Johnston Oct 1998 Falk A computer simulation scheme for microbial transport through porous media
    Keston Smith Jan 1999 Speer
    Cyril Coumarbasch May 1999 Ocone/Gajic MS degree (w.Gajic/ECE dept)
    Sarah Koskie May 1999 Sontag (2003 PhD w.Gajic/ECE dept)
    Michael Malisoff May 1999 Sussmann
    Younghae Do Oct 1999 Kahn
    Ka Luen Cheung Oct 1999 Wheeden (2002 PhD in Hong Kong)
    John W. Cain May 2000
    No Masters degrees were awarded in Jan'00, Oct'00, Jan'01 or Oct'01.
    Nina Fefferman May 2001 Greenfield
    Hossein Kermani Jan 2002 MS returned to Iran
    Diana Dismus-Campbell Jan 2003 Jean Taylor at Swarthmore since '98
    James Dare May 2003 B. Walsh
    Amy Stern Jan 2004 J. Kahn
    Fr. Ray Nacarino May 2004 F. Luo Arc complex of a surface
    Chris Long May 2004 R. Gundy Non-informative Priors: an Information-Theoretic Approach
    No Masters degrees were awarded in Oct '04, Jan '05 or May '05.
    Trevor Bass Oct 2005 Zeilberger On Domino Tilings of Rectangles
    No Masters degrees were awarded in Jan'06
    Jose Sosa May 2006 Tunnell Algebraic Computation of the local signs of an Elliptic Curve
    Pablo Angulo Artoy May 2006 YY. Li The Ambrose Path
    Daniel Ilaria Oct 2006 Roberts "Unique Minimum Independent Roman Domination Functions in Graphs"
    Samar Jaafar May 2008 Saks "Matching in Bipartite Graphs"
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