Introduction to Mathematics at Rutgers 2008

Introduction to
Mathematics at Rutgers
IMR 2008

Mathematics Graduate Program

A mini-conference for entering graduate students

The Saturday-Sunday-Monday lectures will be in Hill 705. Breakfast and Lunch will be available in the lounge, Hill 703.

This program is presented by faculty and current graduate students to provide a review and fill in gaps in some background expected in standard courses, and to get an idea of the research being done by current students for their dissertations. It is also an opportunity for new students to meet each other and to get acquainted with some continuing graduate students and faculty members. All entering Ph.D. Students are strongly encouraged to attend.

August 28
August 29
August 30
August 31
September 1
September 2
Zzz Zzz 8:30-9 AM
8:30-9 AM
8:30-9 AM
Official Start
of Semester
9AM - Noon
Written Quals I

The exam will be
given in Hill 425.

9AM - Noon
Written Quals II

The exam will be
given in Hill 425.

9:00 AM
Lecture 1
Metric Spaces and
Elementary Topology
Speaker: Dan Ocone
9:00 AM Lecture 5
Speaker: Chris Woodward
9:00 AM
Lecture 8
The Classical Groups
Speaker: Jerry Tunnell

Classes begin!
10:10 AM
Student Research Glimpse #1
Asymptotic enumeration
Speaker: Liviu Ilinca
10:10 AM
Lecture 6
Speaker: Michael Vogelius
10:10 AM
Student Research Glimpse #5
A hint to Vertex Operator Algebra Theory
Speaker: Tom Robinson
11:30 AM Lecture 2
The Inverse and Implicit
Function Theorems
Speaker: Roger Nussbaum
11:30 AM
Student Research Glimpse #3
The mass of an asymptotically flat 3-manifold
Speaker: Luc Nguyen
11:30 AM
Lecture 9
Integral Transforms
Speaker: Vladimir Retakh
12PM - 5PM
Eat; Move in;
Relax or
get ID card.
Advance to GO.
12:00-12:30 Relax
12:30-2:00 PM
Math Department
Welcome Lunch

12:30-2:00 PM
12:30-2:00 PM
Lunch discussion with continuing graduate students "What every math grad student should know"
12:30 -
Free time
(e.g., Lunch; Hike
a beautiful and very l-o-n-g
(33.6 miles/54.55 km) park
begins near Busch campus.
Take a walk!

2:00-3:30 PM
2:00 PM
Lecture 3
Matrix Normal Forms
Speaker: Gene Speer
2:00 PM
Four-square(?) Mens sana in
   corpore sano
Organizer: Sara Blight
3:15 PM
Student Research Glimpse #2
Sieve Methods in Number Theory
Speaker: Sara Blight
3:15 PM
Student Research Glimpse #4
Introduction to Option Pricing and Black Scholes Formula
Speaker: Ming Shi
3:30-4:30 PM
Our computers
& software (Hill 425)
4:30-5:15 Relax 4:30 PM Lecture 4
The Axiom of Choice
Speaker: Hector Sussmann
4:30 PM
Lecture 7
Multilinear algebra
Speaker: Roe Goodman
5:15 Aerobie
7:30 PM: Dinner in
New Brunswick
To be arranged
Free time

Details of IMR 2008 activities

Lectures will give simple examples and will stress the foundational importance of the topics. Connections among areas of mathematics and applications will be emphasized whenever possible. The presentations will be neither too technical nor too rapid. We believe that all of the lectures will be useful to all of the students. "Glimpses" will be given by graduate students of their work in some prominent research areas of the department. We also hope students will enjoy the recreational opportunites provided.
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