Mathematics Department - Introduction to Mathematics at Rutgers - IMR 2003

Introduction to Mathematics at Rutgers - IMR 2003

Mathematics Graduate Program

a mini-conference for entering graduate students (all in Hill 705)

Faculty and current graduate students present this program to help new students review some background expected in standard courses, and perhaps begin to discover what's new. We hope students will use this time to meet each other and to get acquainted with some continuing graduate students and faculty members. Lectures will give simple examples and will stress the foundational importance of the topics. Connections among areas of mathematics and applications will be emphasized whenever possible. The presentations will be neither too technical nor too rapid. We believe that all of the lectures will be useful to all of the students. Ideally, therefore, all entering students should attend all presentations. "Glimpses" will be given by graduate students of their work in some prominent research areas of the department. We also hope students will enjoy the recreational opportunites provided.

Who are the entering math graduate students?

August 29
August 30
August 31
September 1
9:00 AM Lecture 1
The Axiom of Choice
D. Ocone
9:00 AM Lecture 3
Linear algebra
R. Wilson
9:00 AM Lecture 6
The Inverse Function Theorem
Z. Han
9:30 AM
Our computers & software
S. Hartke
10:30 AM Lecture 2
Metric spaces:
the example of Rn
F. Luo
10:30 AM Lecture 4
The classical linear groups
R. Goodman
10:30 AM Lecture 7
C. Weibel
10:30 Grad student research glimpse #5
From the Laplace equation to harmonic maps:
the impact of topology
A. Ponce
Administrative "stuff"
2:30 PM Lecture 5
Ordinary differential equations
S. Greenfield
2:30 Grad student research glimpse #3
Tracking numbers
K. Dalili
4:30 Grad student research glimpse #1
Scaling equations for multiresolution analyses:
a characterization problem
E. Curry
4:30 Grad student research glimpse #2
L-functions and their zeros
M. Young
4:30 Grad student research glimpse #4
Restricted permutations
V. Vatter
Move in;
Relax; prepare for classes!

 Details of IMR 2003 activities

Said by an anonymous incoming student:
I can't wait for classes to start so I only have to go to one or two lectures a day.
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