Rutgers Math 642:550
Linear Algebra and Applications
Fall 2009

Lecturer:   Prof. Roe Goodman

  Office: Hill 428   Office hours: MTh 2:00-3:00 (other times by appointment)


Be sure to get the FOURTH edition of Strang's book. You will need the new edition for the homework assignments; there are also many changes in the text of this edition from the old third edition. In case you do not yet have a copy of the book, here are pdf files of
   Homework Exercises Due Sept. 9
   Homework Exercises Due Sept. 16
Homework exercises are due each week, as indicated on the Homework Exercises below.

A copy of Strang's book, and the books
  Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra by C.D. Meyer
  Applied Linear Algebra by Olver and Shakiban
are on reserve in the Mathematics Library (Hill Center, 1st floor). Important If you have the so-called international edition, then the exercises have different numbers; you must check with the regular edition to obtain the correct assigned homework exercises. NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR SUBMITTING THE WRONG EXERCISES TO BE GRADED.

There will be a review session before the midterm exam and before the final exam (outside of class time).

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