640:502 Real Analysis II (Spring, 2004)


Lecturer: Prof. Roe Goodman

Text: (required) Gerald B. Foland, Real Analysis: Modern Techniques and Their Applications (2nd ed.),
    ISBN #0-471-31716-0, Wiley-Interscience/John Wiley Sons, Inc., 1999.

This course is a continuation of 640:501 from Fall 2003. The goal is to give an introduction to core topics in real and functional analysis that every professional mathematician should know, and to cover some of the written qualifying exam topics that were not in 640:501 last semester.

Homework Assignments: The list of   homework problems   is updated frequently (be sure to clear any old cached copies from your browser before loading).

Topics: The course will cover material from Chapters 4-8 of Folland's book:

Here is a lecture-by-lecture syllabus.

Grading: There are weekly graded homework assignments, an in-class midterm exam (closed book) on March 10, and a final exam (closed book) on May 10.

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