FALL 2008

Basic information for Fall 2008

Final exam

The final exam is scheduled for Friday, December 19, 12:00–3:00 AM, in ARC 110.

Announcements and additional resources

Exam 1

The first exam will be held Wednesday, October 8. It will cover all our work through October 1; in particular, this includes all of Section 18 up to, but not including, Theorem 18.3. There is a homework "Assignment" for the week of October 6, but it will not be collected.

Exam 2

The second exam will be held Wednesday, November 12. As with the first exam, it may ask you to state theorems or definitions from class or the book, reprove results we proved in class or on homework, or answer completely new questions.

The exam will cover our work through November 5, but there will not be any questions dealing specifically with Chapter 1. We covered all of Chapter 2 except for Section 22; in Chapter 3 we covered most of Sections 23, 24, 25 through page 160, 26 up to the discussion of the finite intersection property (bottom of page 169), 27, and 28. There is a homework "Assignment" for the week of November 12, but it is for study purposes only, and will not be collected.