Rutgers Math 348 – Cryptograph – Spring 2007

Cryptography: An Introduction to Cryptology

Math 348:01 - Spring 2007

Professor R. Munshi

General Information

This is an upper level MATH course. It is directed at students in mathematics, electrical engineering, or computer science who have strong interest in mathematics and want to learn about the exciting applications of algebra and number theory to cryptography and cryptanalysis.

course syllabus and homework assignments

Prerequisites: Linear Algebra (Math 250) and one of Math 300, 356, or 477, or permission of department.
Part of the course will cover the needed background material on number theory (see below).


Paul Garrett, Making, Breaking Codes; an Introduction to Cryptology, 2nd edition Prentice-Hall, 2001. (Errata to 2nd edition and Errata to 1st edition)


As the title indicates, this is an introduction to modern cryptography. Topics to be covered include: