Math 252-01 Spring 2002

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Notes and Comments

This section was unused during the semester, but it is an ideal place for a report on the final exam and course grades. The figure below compares the final exam with the total of all classwork. Grades were based on clusters in the sum of these two scores, but this plot helped to interpret those totals by providing a graphical view of the components.

scatter plot of grades The avearage score on the final exam was 136.64 out of 200. Most of the grades were between 138 and 155. Seven grades were in this range. There were only two higher grades, but five lower grades. Here are details of individual problems (using a scaled average that gives each problem a basis of 10 points.

Prob. # Scaled Avg.
1 6.79
2 7.46
3 6.18
4 7.64
5 8.21
6 5.89
7 7.03
8 5.51
9 7.20

The course grades were: 1 A, 4 B+, 4 B, 2 C+, 3 C. There were three other names on the roster, but these students stopped attending class before the final exam.

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