Rutgers Math 136 -- A second semester of Calculus

History and philosophy of the course

Some students finish the first semester of Calculus hungry for a little more, but with no appetite for the courses aimed at majors in Mathematics, Science or Engineering. This course provides a second semester of Calculus for that audience. In the past, the syllabus for 136 was close enough to that of 152 that 136 was accepted as a prerequisite for Multivariable Calculus 251, anyone contemplating more than two semesters of mathematics was encouraged to take 152 rather than 136. By the Spring 2002 semester, the courses had become so different that 136 was no longer accepted as a prerequisite for higher mathematics.


Soo T. Tan; Applied Calculus; Brooks/Cole (Fifth edition), 2002 (976 pp.);(ISBN# 0-534-37843-9)

Previous semester resources

Current Semester

Until more information can be prepared for posting, we are making a version of the syllabus and homework assignments supplied by one instructor.

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