``WZ Theory, Chapter II''

By D. Zeilberger Written: Nov. 10, 1998.

Exclusively published in the Personal Journal of Shalosh B. Ekhad and Doron Zeilberger

(Originally solicited by Marie-Francoise Roy, for a volume that she intended to co-edit, but never materialized.)

The MSRI workshop on Symbolic Computation in Geometry and Analysis, Oct. 12-16, 1998 was great fun. All the talks were excellent, especially Dave Bayer's and my own. The present article is a slighlty edited version of the transcript of the videotape. The video can be viewed, along with the other talks, at MSRI website(clique on Videos). [added April 13, 2009: this must have been removed, since I couldn't find it anymore, but it has been resurrected movie (thanks to Paul Raff).

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Added 11/24/98: My impressions of the previous talks at the MSRI workshop can be read in the transcript of the first ten minutes, prepared by the MSRI staff, and edited by Hugo Rossi, deputy director. It appeared in the EMISSARY (MSRI newsletter), Dec. 1998.

Note added Dec. 22, 1999: My prediction about huamn math becoming a competitive sport was quoted in Didier Nordon's column in the [added Nov. 12, 2004: this page has since been removed] Sept. 1999 issue of Pour La Science , the French analog of Scientific American. Nordon is afraid, however, that future human math athletes will be stifled by sport beurocrats.
Added Nov. 12, 2004: The complete translation of this article into French has not yet materialized (and probably never will), but a two-page summary appeared in the body (pp. 201-203) of Marie-Francoise ROY's [currently President of SMF] fascinating article "Le reel du calcul", that has recently appeared (pp. 193-206) in the fascinating and very original volume "Le reel en Mathematiques", about the connection between psychoanalysis and mathematics, edited by Pierre Cartier and Nathalie Charraud and published by AGALMA editeur.
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