Constructing Efficient Accelerators Is As Easy As 1+1=2 (Thanks to Vladimir Visnjic)

by Doron Zeilberger

(Appears concurrnetly in Math. Magazine v. 72, no. 2, April 1999, p. 151.)

Written: Feb. 9, 1998.

I have learned lots of mathematics from colleagues of my (scientist) spouse, some of which has lead to interesting papers. The piece of `trivial' (yet really ingenious) math that I exposit in this math bite was taught to me by a (scientist) spouse of a colleague (Vladimir Visnjic is the husband of my colleague Georgia Triantafillou). So you should listen attentively not only to your colleagues and spouses, but also to (colleagues of) spouses and (spouses of) colleagues, and more generally to (colleagues of spouses of)*[ your colleagues] and (spouses of colleagues of)*[ your spouses] .

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