Statistical Analysis of the Ages of Noah's MALE Ancestors and a Probabilistic Proof That Enoch's Premature Death was Indeed an Act of God

By Shalosh B. Ekhad

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(Exclusively published in the Personal Journal of Shalosh B. Ekhad and Doron Zeilberger)

Generated: June 4, 2014 (Shavuot 5774)

Last night, Shalosh and its master did a

ת י ק ו ן   ל י ל   ש ב ו ע ו ת

("tikun leil shavuot") all-nighter, and they studied Genesis 5 (Bereshit he). This is the outcome. In particular, we were wondering how likely it is for Enoch [ח נ ו ך] (Noah's great-grandfather) to die so young (at the tender age of 365), only due to chance, and found out that it is miniscule (about the reciprocal of Avogadro's number!), namely, about
so the Torah was right that God claimed him before his time.

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