Proofs of the Riemann Hypothesis and of "P is NOT EQUAL to NP" [Videotaped Lecture]

By Doron Zeilberger

Delivered April 30, 2015

Videotaped lecture:

[This lecture was delivered on April 30, 2015 at the Rutgers University Experimental Mathematics seminar organized by Matthew Russell and Doron Zeilberger.]

In this expository talk, I will presen totally convincing proofs of the above statements. These proofs are "well-known folklore", but not as well-known as they should be, hence this talk. Note that these proofs do not qualify for the million dollar prizes promised by the Clay Foundation, but, if and when these prizes will be awarded, the probability that RH and P!=NP are true will not be increased even by epsilon. It would be just meeting a "mathematical atheletic" challenge, that has nothing to do with truth

Acknowledgement: The video was filmed and uploaded to vimeo by Matthew Russell, and uploaded to YouTube by Edinah Gnang.
[Added May 11, 2015] Errata to Part 2: In minutes 10-12 a few times "circuits" should be "gates", and N^2 should be, of course, N^(N^2). Every gate has two parents, and we independently choose the two parents for each of the N gates. 10^N*N^(N^2) is still peanuts compared to 2^(2^N).
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