Freshman-Sophomore Honors Seminar

Oracle-of-Delphi.jpg This seminar is designed for first- and second-year students who are considering further study in mathematics. There is also a Junior-Senior Seminar. These seminars satisfy requirements of the Honors Track in Mathematics.

The Freshman-Sophomore Seminar provides a glimpse into the world of mathematics that lies beyond elementary calculus. It aims to be informal, lively, and challenging.

Students are expected to participate actively by making presentations in the seminar, collaborating with other students in preparing talks, and contributing to discussions. Occasionally, we have guest speakers (professors and graduate students).

In the Spring 2017 semester, the seminar will focus on Proofs of Nonexistence (proofs of impossibility) and Proofs of Existence (constructions). Our textbook will be Conjecture and Proof by Miklós Laczkovich.

We used the same book many years ago as well as last year, so you can see a few listed topics in those years:

This is a tentative list of talks  for the Spring 2017 semester.

Here is a list of  seminar topics  for the Spring 2017 semester and the list of seminar activities in previous years.

The Freshman-Sophomore Honors Seminar in 2017 is run by Professor János Komlós and it meets on Tuesdays, 4th period (1:40-3:00 pm) in ARC-108, Busch Campus. It is a one-credit honors course, and it has course number 01:640:196:01 (index number 04485).

For some seminar notes  enter here. (More will be added later.)

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