GSUMC 2007

The Fourth Annual Garden State Undergraduate Math Conference

was held on Saturday, March 31, 2007 at Rowan University, Glassboro, New Jersey.

One Rutgers team -- Wei Chen, Tim Lou, and Marla Slusky -- got third prize,
and another Rutgers team -- Mariya Nagorna, Tian Lu Xue, and Teresa Zhang -- came in sixth (out of 25 competing teams).
Tim Lou won the third prize in the individual competition (75 students).

CONGRATULATIONS to all of them!

To appreciate this achievements even more, it should be noted that our prize winner freshmen were in direct competition with seniors (e.g., from Princeton), since undergraduates of all levels took the same exam.

Here are some details about the 2007 competition with directions, maps, and pictures.


Some of our current juniors and seniors were equally successful in previous years:
see the results of the 2006 GSUMC and the 2005 GSUMC competitions.

Congratulations to all Rutgers teams!