Tien D Trinh

I am a graduate student in mathematics at Rutgers University. My advisor is Prof. Stephen D. Miller.

My CV. E-mail: tdt30@math.rutgers.edu

Research Interests:

Analytic Number Theory


Automorphic Forms

Elliptic Curves

Research Papers:

1. Eigenfunctions on SL(3,Z)\SL(3,R)/SO(3,R) do not have non-decaying Whittaker functions in their Fourier expansions.

Joint with Stephen D. Miller. In preparation.


MATH-421 Advanced Calculus for Engineering - Spring 2016

Office hour: 1:30-2:30pm, Friday, Hill 608.

MATH-250 Introductory Linear Algebra - Summer 2015

MATH-151 Calculus I for Math/Phys Sciences - Spring 2015

MATH-251 Multivariable Calculus - Fall 2014

MATH-152 Calculus II for Math/Phys Sciences - Fall 2013

Conferences/Summer Schools:

AMS Special Session meeting, Rutgers University , November 2015.

Arithmetic 2015: Silverman, Brown University , August 2015.

Representation Theory, Number Theory, and Invariant Theory, Yale University , July 2015.

Summer school in computational number theory, UNCG , May 2015.

Atkin Memorial Lecture and Workshop, UIC , May 2015.

Upstate Number Theory, Cornell University , April 2015.

Geometry and Topology, Princeton University , March 2015.

Analysis, Spectra, and Number Theory, Princeton University , December 2014.

Counting Arithmetic Objects, CRM Montreal , June 2014.

Elliptic Curves, Uconn , May 2014.

Representation Theory, Automorphic Forms, and Complex Geometry, Harvard University , May 2013.

Algebraic Groups, and Invariant Theory, ETH Zurich , September 2009.

Mathematische Arbeitstatung, MPIM , May 2009.