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Hill 342

Since fall 2017, I am a Hill Assistant Professor at Rutgers University, USA.

My research interests are centered around the geometry and combinatorics of curves and their moduli spaces. In my work so far I have explored higher codimensional subvarieties, the enumerative geometry of general pointed curves, and modern Schubert calculus. Recently, I have also been interested in geometric realizations of vertex operator algebras.

I obtained my PhD at the Humboldt University in Berlin and the Berlin Mathematical School, Germany, under the direction of Gavril Farkas, in April 2012. Before arriving at Rutgers University, I was at the University of Georgia, USA; the Fields Institute, Canada; the University of Utah, USA; and the Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany.

I have an AMS–Simons Travel Grant for the years 2016–2019.

In 2016 I received the Outstanding Postdoc Award from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Utah.

Recently, I have coorganized the special session From Hyperelliptic to Superelliptic Curves at the AMS Fall Central Meeting, University of Michigan, October 20-21, 2018.

In summer 2018 I was a mentor for the REU program at Rutgers University.

Here is the video of my recent talk on Geometric loci in moduli spaces of curves at UNAM in Mexico City.

Recent and upcoming talks

Mar 7, 2019: FRAGMENT seminar at Colorado State University – USA.
Feb 25, 2019: Algebraic Geometry seminar at Princeton University – USA.
Feb 22, 2019: Lie Group/Quantum Mathematics seminar at Rutgers University – USA.
Nov 19, 2018: Colloquium at Virginia Commonwealth University - USA.
Oct 19, 2018: Algebraic Geometry seminar at Central Michigan University - USA.
Sep 28, 2018: Special Talk at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) in Mexico City - Mexico.
June 18-22, 2018: Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry Retrospective Workshop at Fields Institute – Canada.
May 9-12, 2018: Ohio State Workshop on Schubert Calculus – USA.
Feb 20, 2018: Algebraic Geometry seminar at Ohio State University – USA.
Oct 30, 2017: Algebra seminar at University of Pennsylvania – USA.
Oct 13-16, 2017: Workshop on Moduli of Curves, Gothenburg – Sweden.
Sep 23-24, 2017: Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting, University of Central Florida – USA.
Sep 20, 2017: Algebra seminar at Rutgers University – USA.
May 10, 2017: Algebraic Geometry and Moduli seminar at ETH Zurich – Switzerland.
Apr 13, 2017: FRAGMENT seminar at Colorado State University – USA.
Mar 27, 2017: Colloquium at University College Dublin - Ireland.
Feb 15, 2017: Algebraic Geometry seminar at the University of Georgia – USA.
Dec 12-16, 2016: Moduli and Birational Geometry, Jeju island – South Korea.