Workshop on Perspectives and Future Directions in Systems and Control Theory (SontagFest 2011)

Workshop on Perspectives and Future Directions in Systems and Control Theory (SontagFest 2011)

May 23 - May 25, 2011
DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

Murat Arcak, UC Berkeley
Patrick De Leenheer, University of Florida
Yuan Wang, Florida Atlantic University

Sponsored by DIMACS, Rutgers Center for Systems and Control, and National Science Foundation

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    Workshop Program:

    Monday, May 23, 2011			
     8:00 -  8:45  Breakfast and registration			
     8:45 -  9:00  Welcome, by organizers M. Arcak, P. de Leenheer, Y. Wang
                   Welcome to DIMACS by Associate Director Gene Fiorini
                   Welcome to Rutgers by Vice President for Research Mike Pazzani			
     9:00 - 10:30  Session chair: Pramod P Khargonekar, University of Florida
                   Sampled-data control and signal processing beyond the
    	       Shannon paradigm	
                   Yutaka Yamamoto, Kyoto University
                   What are the prospects for a large signal theory of
                   nonlinear input-output systems? 
                   Roger Brockett, Harvard University
                   Control of PDEs and nonlinearity
                   Jean-Michel Coron, UPMC-Paris 6
    10:30 - 11:00  Break			
    11:00 - 12:30  Session chair: Daniel Ocone, Rutgers University		
                   Rank-constrained optimization algorithms
                   Rodolphe Sepulchre, University of Liege
                   Lie brackets and stability of switched systems
                   Daniel Liberzon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
                   The separation principle in stochastic control revisited
                   Tryphon Georgiou, University of Minnesota
    12:30 -  2:00  Lunch			
     2:00 -  3:30  Session chair: Benedetto	Piccoli, Rutgers University
                   Control of coupled slow and fast dynamics	
                   Zvi Artstein, The Weizmann Institute of Science
                   The jump from nonlinear to hybrid systems: where's the impact?
    	       Andy Teel, Univ. California, Santa Barbara
                   Modeling and analysis of stochastic hybrid systems
                   Joao Hespanha, Univ. California, Santa Barbara
     3:30 -  4:00  Break			
     4:00 -  5:00  Session chair: Mikhail Krichman, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
                   An overview of model reduction for large scale linear and
    	       nonlinear systems
                   Thanos Antoulas, Rice University
                   System interconnection
                   Jan Willems, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 
     5:00 -  5:40  Panel on Theoretical Challenges			
                   Moderator: M. Vidyasagar, University of Texas at Dallas
                   Peter Caines, McGill University
                   Laurent Praly, Mines-ParisTech
    	       Jan vanSchuppen, CWI Amsterdam
    	       Hector Sussmann, Rutgers
     5:45          Appetizers and dinner (Hill Center, 7th floor)	
    Tuesday, May 24, 2011		
     8:00 -  8:45  Breakfast and registration			
     8:45 - 10:30  Session chair: Brian Ingalls, University of Waterloo
                   Bistability, trigger waves, and the coordination of mitosis over long
                   Jim Ferrell, Stanford
                   Adaptation in biology: relations to chemotaxis 	
                   Pablo A.	Iglesias, Johns Hopkins University
                   Stochastic modeling and analysis of biochemical networks 	
                   Mustafa Khammash, University of California at Santa Barbara
    10:30 - 11:00  Break and posters			
    11:00 - 12:30  Session chair: Gerardo Lafferriere, Portland State University
                   The paradox of Chemical Reaction Networks: robustness in the face of
                   total uncertainty 	
                   David Angeli, Imperial College
                   Introduction to synthetic biology: challenges and opportunities for control theory
                   Domitilla DelVecchio, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                   Modeling and control of gene regulatory networks 	
                   Madalena	Chaves, INRIA Sophia Antipolis - Mediterranee
    12:30 -  2:00  Lunch and posters			
     2:00 -  3:30  Session chair: Steve Marcus, University of Maryland
                   Geography, community and privacy in complex networks 	
                   Vincent Blondel, Université catholique de Louvain
                   Computation and control under limited information 	
                   Munther A Dahleh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                   Towards a unified view of communication and control  	
                   Sanjoy K	Mitter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
     3:30 -  4:00  Break and posters			
     4:00 -  5:00  Session chair: Nuno Martins, University of Maryland
                   Convex systems problems entirely specified by a signal flow diagram
                   Bill Helton, UC San Diego
                   Model predictive control without terminal constraints: stability and
                   Lars Gruene, University of Bayreuth
     5:00 -  5:40  Panel: Challenges in applications and education			
                   Moderator: Jack Rugh, Retired, Johns Hopkins
                   Eyad Abed, University of Maryland
    	       Frank Allgower, University of Stuttgart
    	       John Baras, University of Maryland
    	       Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, University of Kansas
                   Matthias Kawski, Arizona State University
     6:00          Reception and banquet, Honorary hosts: T. Georgiou, P. Khargonekar, Y. Yamamoto			
                   Location: Busch Dining Hall, 608 Bartholomew Rd, Rutgers Busch campus, Piscataway
    Wednesday, May 25, 2011			
     8:00 -  9:00  Breakfast and registration			
     9:00 - 10:30  Session chair: Dragan Nesic, The University of Melbourne
                   Minimax Filtering of Linear Systems 	
                   Art Krener, Naval Postgraduate School
                   Nonlinear stabilization when delay is a function of state 	
                   Miroslav Krstic, University of California, San Diego
                   Curvatures of control systems 	
                   Bronislaw Jakubczyk, Institute of Mathematics, Polish
                   Acad Science
    10:30 - 11:00  Break			
    11:00 - 12:30  Session chair: Leonid Gurvits, Los Alamos National Lab
                   Gossiping deterministically 	
                   Steve Morse, Yale University
                   An optimal architecture for decentralized control over posets	
                   Pablo Parrilo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                   Flock logic: Understanding collective animal behavior 	
                   Naomi Leonard, Princeton University
    12:30 -  2:00  Lunch			
     2:00 -  3:30  Session chair: Felipe Pait, Univ São Paulo
                   Monotone systems 
                   Hal Smith, Arizona State University
                   Closed loops of monotone I/O systems: A unified approach 
                   German Enciso, University of California, Irvine
                   On coherent dynamical systems 	
                   Moe Hirsch, University of California, Berkeley
     3:30 -  4:00  Break			
     4:00 -  6:30  Session chair: Yuan Wang, Florida Atlantic University		
                   Output stabilization and observation via discontinuous feedback
                   Yuri Ledyaev, Western Michigan University
                   Marginal instability for linear switched systems
                   Yacine Chitour, Universitè Paris-Sud 11
                   Model selection in gene regulation  and prediction  of oscillations
                   Tomas Gedeon, Montana State University
                   Mechanisms for noise attenuation in molecular biology signaling
                   Liming Wang, University of California, Irvine

    Slides (pdf by default):