Math 311 - Fall 2016

Instructor : Natasa Sesum

Email :
Office :  536 Hill Center
Office Phone : (732) 445-2390 (ext 1323)
Office Hours : Tuesdays 4:15-5:15pm (subject to change)
Lecture : TF 10:20-11:40am   TIL 105 (LIV)

Teaching assistant :  Sam Braunfeld
Email TBA

Texts :
Introduction to Analysis (fifth edition) by Gaughan and Brooks.
I plan to cover chapters 0 to 4 of the book and start with chapter 6 if time allows.

You can find the suggested syllabus for the course here . Notice that it is a subject to change as the course progresses.

Evaluation : 

Exam 1 Tuesday, October 11, 10:20-11:40am in the class (TIL 105 (LIV)).


Exam 2, Friday, November 18, 10:20-11:40am, in the class (TIL 105 (LIV)).


Final Exam December 23 .






There will be no make up midterm exams offered unless due to a medical emergency in which case a note from a doctor is required.

Exams : There will be two closed book midterm exams tentatively scheduled for the above dates. You are not allowed to use a calculator during the midterm and final exams.  The final exam will be cumulative (covers all material).  It will count for 35 % of your final grade.

Homework : Homeworks will be assigned weekly. Two lowest homework grades will be dropped and therefore no late homeworks will be accepted. Required homework assignments will be found here.
Homework is due on Wednesdays in the recitations.
The first homework is due on Wednesday, September 21 in the class. The two lowest homework grades will be dropped.