Math 251 - Multivariable Calculus

LECTURER:   Natasa Sesum
Office: Hill Center 536
Email: natasas(a)
Lecture: TF 12-1:20pm TIL 258 (LIV)
Office hours: Tuesdays 5:15-6:15pm (subject to change).

TEACHING ASSISTANT:   Jinyoung Park (jp1324(a)

TEXTBOOK:  Jon Rogawski's 'Calculus Early Transcendentals', W.H.Freeman.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:   The general description of Math 251 from the web pages of the Mathematics Department is available here. It contains the syllabus which will be followed closely.

Evaluation : 

Exam 1: Tuesday, October 11, 12-1:20pm in the class (TIL 258 (LIV)).
FORMULA SHEET for the first midterm: page1, page2
REVIEW PROBLEMS for the first midterm: here.


Exam 2: Friday, November 18, 12-1:20pm, in the class (TIL 258 (LIV)).


Final Exam: TBA.


WebAssign (10%), Workshops and Quizzes (10%), Maple Labs (5%):


There will be no make up midterm exams offered unless due to a medical emergency in which case a note from a doctor is required.

HOMEWORK: Homework problems will be assigned weekly through the WebAssign system and will be due on Sundays at midnight. The first homework is due on Sunday, September 18. Two lowest homework grades and the two lowest (among all quizz and workshop grades) will be dropped and therefore no late homeworks will be accepted.