Graduate Analysis Seminar

Welcome to the home page of the Graduate Analysis Seminar. This page will list the past and upcoming talks for the seminar. For the Fall 2016 Semester, the seminar is being organized by Érik De Amorim, and will run at Mondays at 5pm in the Graduate Student Lounge (Hill 701).

In Spring 2016, the seminar was led by Matt Charnley. Please click here for the information from that semester.

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Next Seminar

Talk Title: Linear Sampling Method

Speaker: Matt Charnley

Date: October 17, 2016

Abstract: The inverse scattering problem, trying to locate an obstacle from either the far-field or near-field scattering data, is a highly non-linear problem. If the wavelength of the source is similar to the dimensions of the obstacle, the problem is inherently non-linear, and neither the high- or low-frequency approximations work. In this talk, I will discuss the so-called ``linear sampling method'' for solving this inverse problem. It reduces the problem to solving a linear integral equation at each point, and using the result to determine whether or not that point is contained in the obstacle. At the end, we will discuss the potential for applying this method in physical situations.

Upcoming Seminars

Past Seminars

Talk Title: Hausdorff Dimemsion

Speaker: Katie McKeon

Date: October 10, 2016

Abstract: I'll discuss a new technique (due to Professors Falk and Nussbaum) for efficiently estimating Hausdorff dimension of certain sets.

Talk Title: Distributions, Fourier Transform, Lē-Sobolev Spaces and the Elliptic Regularity Theorem

Speaker: Érik Amorim

Date: October 3, 2016

Abstract: I will talk about the things in the title, assuming no prior knowledge, and show how they can all be used together to prove the Elliptic Regularity Theorem. This theorem basically says that an elliptic PDE has the property that its solutions are as regular as you can expect, given the order of the equation, for an appropriate meaning of "regular".