Dynamical Models in Biology

Fall 2014

Instructor:  Konstantin Mischaikow
Office:  265 Hill Center
Office Hours: Monday 12:00 - 1:00 and by appointment.
e-mail:  mischaik [at] math.rutgers.edu  ( I strongly recommend you use e-mail if you wish to contact me)

Course Location:  Hill 009  (Busch Campus)
Course Time: TTh 10:20 - 11:40
Textbook: Course notes to be found on Sakai web page


I will NOT have office hours on
    Monday Sept. 15
    Monday Sept. 22
    Monday Nov. 10
    Monday Nov. 17
Exam Schedule and Homework schedule can be found on Sakai web page.
The exams are closed book and closed notes.

While attendance is not mandatory you will be held responsible for any material
covered during class.  If you miss class it is your responsibility to obtain the material.


This course assumes familiarity with Differential Equations and Linear Algebra.
(the prerequisites are Calc4 and Linear Algebra).


Grades will be assigned based on
    - homework (20%),
    - 2 midterms (25% each),
    - a final (30%),


Homework will be assigned regularly. The tests will be closely based on these
assignments.  Homework must be turned in in class by the due date. Late Homework will not be accepted!

If you are encountering difficulties I strongly encourage you to work with classmates on the homework
assignments.  However, you must turn in your own work.

Last modified on Sept 1, 2014