Jian Song 


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Department of Mathematics

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Hill 526, Busch Campus

110 Frelinghuysen Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019


Email: jiansong@math.rutgers.edu

Phone: 848.445.7983

Fax: 732.445.5530


I do research in differential geometry, global complex geometry, geometric analysis and partial differential equations.

Here is my CV.



Fall 2016: Introduction to differential geometry (640: 532)


Publication and preprints 


1. On Feldman-Ilmanen-Knopf conjecture for the blow-up behavior of the Kahler-Ricci flow, to appear in Math. Res. Lett., with B. Guo, to appear in Math. Res. Letters, arXiv:1505.04869


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4. Riemannian geometry of Kahler-Einstein currents II: an analytic proof of Kawamata’s base point free theorem, arXiv:1409.8374


5. The Ricci flow on the sphere with marked points, with D.H. Phong, J. Sturm and X. Wang, arXiv:1407.1118


6. Riemannian geometry of Kahler-Einstein currents, arXiv:1404.0445


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1. Lecture notes on the Kahler-Ricci flow, with B. Weinkove, ‘An introduction to the Kahler-Ricci flow’, 89-188, Lecture Notes in Math., 2086, Springer, Cham, 2013,  arXiv:1212.3653


2. Complex Monge-Ampere equations, with D.H. Phong and J. Sturm, Surveys in Differential Geometry, vol. 17, 327-411 (2012) arXiv:1209.2203


3. The Szego kernel on an orbifold circle bundle, thesis at Columbia University, 2004




Seminar and Conference

Complex analysis and geometry seminar, Rutgers

Analysis, complex geometry and mathematical physics: a conference in honor of Duong H. Phong, 2013

Summer school in complex geometry, Rutgers, 2013