Government Policy about Cryptography: a Debate and Papers

The class was divided into four groups. Each group was charged with independently preparing and presenting for discussion an aspect of government policy about cryptography. The groups would each get two grades: one for the oral presentation, and one for the written report. Guidelines for both are given below. These topics for the debate are rather controversial. Discussion and information about them exist on many web pages. A list of some links containing information about the topics was prepared.

Oral presentation

  • Seven minutes to present the original position of the group.
  • Five minutes to respond to questions (rebuttal).

    Grades for the oral presentation will be based on the original presentation, the questioning of other presentations (take notes during the presentations of the other groups!), and the response to questioning during the rebuttal time.

    Written report
    Each group will hand in a policy paper at the class meeting following the oral presentations. I'll accept a preliminary version of the policy paper earlier for analysis and comment (and corrections!), if this is desired.

    Links to the detailed "charge" for each group, together with their written responses (where available) follow.

    The FBI group The ACLU group The Electronic Freedom group The Diverse World group

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