Math 151 - Calculus I for the Mathematical and Physical Sciences

FINAL EXAM DATE, TIME AND LOCATION: Monday, 12/18, 4-7pm. Rutgers Academic Building, west wing, room 2160. This is at the College Avenue Campus, address is 15 Seminary Place.

Workshop write-up due next recitation (Dec 13): Either PROBLEM 1 ITEMS (a), (b) and (g) or PROBLEM 2 ITEMS (a) and (b) from Workshop 13 (see below).
Workshop write-ups are always due at the beginning of recitation.

Previous workshop problems:

  • Workshop 1 (given on Sep 6): click
  • Workshop 2 (given on Sep 13): click
  • Workshop 3 (given on Sep 20): click
  • Workshop 4 (given on Sep 27): click
  • Workshop 5 (given on Oct 04): click
  • Workshop 6 (given on Oct 11): click (yes, this is the same problem set as last time)
  • Workshop 7 (given on Oct 18): click
  • Workshop 8 (given on Oct 25): click
  • Workshop 9 (given on Nov 01): click
  • Workshop 10 (given on Nov 08): click (yes, this is the same problem set as last time)
  • Workshop 11 (given on Nov 15): click
  • Workshop 12 (given on Nov 29): click
  • Workshop 13 (given on Dec 06): click


  • Section 10: WED 10:20-11:40, SEC-205 (SERC building, Busch)
  • Section 11: WED 12:00-1:20, HLL-005 (Hill Center, Busch)
  • Section 12: WED 08:40-10:00, SEC-217 (SERC building, Busch)

Office hours:

  • MON 2:00-3:00, Hill Center room 624
  • THU 10:00-11:00, Hill Center room 624
  • Also by appointment if you can't make it to either of these

Our weekly recitations are mandatory for all students. They consist of about 20 minutes reserved for questions about the material and homework, then 60 minutes of group work in more challenging problems. You are encouraged to discuss with your colleagues and ask questions to them, the TA or the peer mentor during this time.

Students will then be assigned one of the problems to write-up as homework due the following recitation. This write-up is individual work, and mathematical correctness only counts as half of the total points. The other half comes from presentation. What this means is that your work must be neatly organized (either typed or handwritten) and your calculations must be accompanied by text which explains your reasoning. Complete, grammatically correct sentences are a must.

Click here or here for useful resources and examples of workshop write-ups. Also read the first pages of our book.