Number theory seminar - Rutgers, New Brunswick - Fall 2018

The seminar takes place Tuesdays, from 4-5pm, in Hill 705. If you would like to give a talk, please send an email to claire.burrin(at) for possible scheduling.

Date Speaker Title
Oct 2 Raphael Steiner (IAS) Intrinsic Diophantine approximation on S^3
Oct 9 Claire Burrin (Rutgers) Windings of closed geodesics
Oct 16 Daniel Martin (Boulder) The geometry of imaginary quadratic fields
Oct 30 Lam Pham (Yale) On uniform Kazhdan constants for finitely generated linear groups
Nov 6 Yotam Smilansky (Jerusalem) Multiscale substitution schemes and Kakutani sequences of partitions
Nov 13 Yan Mary He (Toronto) Prime number theorems for Basmajian-type identities
Nov 20 Suresh Eswarathasan (Cardiff) L^p bounds for eigenfunction restrictions to fractals
Nov 27 Alexander Walker (Rutgers) Second Moment Results in the Generalized Gauss Circle Problem
Dec 4 Daniel Persson (Chalmers) Fourier coefficients and small automorphic representations
Dec 4 Axel Kleinschmidt (Max Planck) Modular graph forms from string theory amplitudes