Claire Burrin

Hill Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Rutgers University - Hill Center
110 Frelinghuysen Rd
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019

Office: Room 232, Hill Center

I am a Hill Assistant Professor at Rutgers University, where my mentors are Henryk Iwaniec and Alex Kontorovich. I am principally interested in objects at the intersection of the geometry, arithmetic and dynamics of discrete subgroups of SL(2,R). I received my PhD in June 2016 from ETH Zürich. My advisor was Alessandra Iozzi.

Short CV
Number Theory Seminar - Spring 2019
Math 356 Theory of Numbers - Syllabus, Notes
Research projects - If you are a math major interested in working on a research project, you can contact me!


  • Effective counting for discrete lattice orbits in the plane via Eisenstein series (with Amos Nevo, Rene Rühr, Barak Weiss) - Preprint (2019)
  • Transformation laws for generalized Dedekind sums associated to Fuchsian groups (with Jay Jorgenson, Cormac O'Sullivan, Lejla Smajlović) - Preprint (2019)
  • Dedekind sums, reciprocity and non-arithmetic groups - Contemporary Mathematics 732 (2019), 19-25
  • Reciprocity laws for Dedekind symbols and the Euler class - Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 146 (2018), 1367-1376
  • Dedekind symbols and equidistribution mod 1 - Journal of Number Theory 172 (2017), 270-286
  • Dedekind symbols and applications of the spectral theory of Kloosterman sums - Diss. ETH No. 23634 (2016)

    Unpublished and expository material

  • Geometry - Lecture notes for Math 435, Rutgers (2017)
  • A dynamical outlook on orbital counting problems (with Xin Zhang) - School on Apollonian packings (2014)
  • Quasihomomorphisms and refinements of property (T) - Master thesis, ETH (2012)
  • Autour du theoreme de Szemeredi - EA, Ecole Polytechnique (2010)
  • Uniquely ergodic rotations, nilrotations, and equidistribution - Bachelor thesis, ETH (2010)


  • Rutgers' Number Theory Seminar archive: Fall 2018, Spring 2018
  • Some older teaching at ETH: Multilinear algebra (Spring 2016), Modular forms (Fall 2015), Mathematics (Fall 2014), Algebra 2 (Spring 2014), Algebra 1 (Fall 2013)

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