Graduate Number Theory Seminar (GNTS)/ Learning Seminar (LS)
These two seminars run periodically throughout the semester. The Graduate Number Theory Seminar is for talks by the graduate students (and sometimes post docs) for the graduate students. The Learning Seminar this semester (and possibly next) will focus on Ratner's Theorems and we will be using the book by Dave Witte Morris, "Ratner's Theorems on Unipotent Flows." A link to the book may be found on the archive.

Meeting Time/Loctation:

Wednesdays 10:30-11:30 am in Hill 425


Brooke Ogrodnik

Next Talk:

Wednesday December 4th (LS):
Speaker: Alex Karlovitz
Title: Entropy of Translations on Lie Groups
Abstract: This talk will cover sections 2.5 and 2.6 of the book "Ratner's Theorems on Unipotent Flows" by Dave Witte Morris. We briefly review sections 2.1-2.4, which regard the entropy of a measure-preserving transformation on a probability space. Then, we move to the situation where the space is a Lie group modded out by a lattice, and the transformation is translation by an element of the Lie group.

Upcoming Talks:

December 11th (GNTS): Speaker-Forrest Thurman

Past Talks: