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Spring 2018

Date: January 26, 2-3pm
Speaker: Mariusz Mirek (King's College, London)
Title: Pointwise convergence of Fourier series

Lennart Carleson's celebrated theorem of 1966 asserts the pointwise convergence of the partial Fourier sums of square integrable functions, giving the positive answer to Luzin's conjecture from 1915. The aim of this talk is to provide yet another proof of this fact. In particular, we will see a new simplified approach to this result, which can be presented in a brief self-contained manner. A number of related results can be seen by variants of the same argument. We survey the historical background and some complements to Carleson's theorem, as well as open problems.

Date: February 16
Speaker: Alessio Figalli (ETH)

Date: February 23
Speaker: Maryanthe Maliaris (University of Chicago)

Date: March 2
Speaker: Fanghua Lin (Courant)

Date: Tuesday, March 6
Speaker: Simon Donaldson (Imperial College and Simons Center for Geometry Physics)

Date: March 23
Speaker: Noga Alon (Princeton)

Date: March 30
Speaker: TBA

Date: April 6
Speaker: Tomasz Mrowka (MIT)

Date: April 13
Speaker: Brendan Hassett (Brown)

Date: April 20
Speaker: John Etnyre (Georgia Tech)

Date: April 27
Speaker: Ken Ono (Emory)

Date: May 4
Speaker: Hee Oh (Yale)

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