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Forthcoming Talks

Unless otherwise specified, talks will be held in Hill 705 on the date indicated from 4 to 5 PM. Talks may not be held every week.

Previous Talks

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Fall 2017

Date: September 15
Speaker: Matthew Foreman (University of California, Irvine)
Title: Classifying diffeomorphisms of surfaces

In 1932, von Neumann proposed classifying the statistical behavior of diffeomorphisms of manifolds. In modern language this means classifying diffeomorphisms that preserve a smooth volume element up to measure theoretic isomorphism. Despite important progress using entropy and spectral invariants, the general problem remained open. This talk proves that a complete classification is impossible in a rigorous sense—even on compact surfaces. The proof of the theorem involves producing new examples of diffeomorphisms with strong structural properties such as high distal rank.

Date: September 22
No colloquium

Date: September 30
No colloquium

Date: October 6
Speaker: Dusa McDuff (Columbia)

Date: October 11 (Wednesday)
Speaker: Bill Dunham (Muhlenberg College)

Date: October 20
Speaker: Irena Peeva (Cornell)

Date: October 27
Speaker: Ron Donagi (University of Pennsylvania)

Date: November 1 (Wednesday)
Speaker: Alex Wright (Stanford)

Date: November 10
Speaker: Richard Kenyon (Brown University)

Date: November 17

Date: December 1
Speaker: Lillian Pierce (Duke)

Date: December 8
Speaker: June Huh (Princeton)

Spring 2018

Date: February 23
Speaker: Maryanthe Maliaris (University of Chicago)

Speaker: Hee Oh (Yale)

Speaker: Noga Alon (Princeton)

Date: April 27
Speaker: Ken Ono (Emory)

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