Mathematics Department - Course Coordinators

Undergraduate Course Coordinators (Spring 2016)

Mathematics Undergraduate Program

Courses with official coordinators:

  • Basic skills and precalculus:
  • All such courses are coordinated by Lew Hirsch
  • Math 103/104/106: math courses for students not requiring calculus or pre-calculus
  • Michael Weingart
  • Math 135: Calculus I
  • Y.-Z. Huang
  • Math 151: Calculus for Mathematical and Physical Sciences II/I
  • Vladimir Retakh
  • Math 152: Calculus for Mathematical and Physical Sciences I/II
  • Vladimir Scheffer

Other multi-section courses with coordinators or gurus

The faculty member listed plays a general supervisory role and may be consulted about test design, expectations, relative importance of parts of the syllabus, and other aspects of the culture around the course.

  • Math 244: Differential Equations
  • Michael Kiessling
  • Math 250: Introduction to Linear Algebra
  • James Lepowsky
  • Math 251: Multivariable Calculus
  • Gene Speer
  • Math 300: Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
  • Lisa Carbone
  • Math 311: Analysis
  • (Consult the UG Office)
  • 350: Advanced Linear Algebra
  • Lev Borisov
  • Math 354: Linear Optimization
  • (Consult the UG Office)
  • Math 421
  • Terry Butler
  • Math 477
  • Dan Ocone (the actuarial advisor) may be consulted.

See also Departmental Committees, UG Service Activities

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