Mathematical logic (Math 461), Spring 2008 course page

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Course title: Mathematical logic
Meeting times: MW4 (1:40-3:00pm)
Meeting place: SEC-216 (Busch)
Office hours: M 3:30-4:30 & Th TBA
Textbook: Enderton is optional

Official course description:

Intuitive and formal development of the sentential and predicate calculus. Special emphasis given to questions of consistency, completeness, and independence. Formal systems; incompleteness and undecidability; theorems of Godel. Exploration of which properties of structures can be defined in the first-order language.

Actual lecture topics:

Basic set theory
The Cantor Schroder Bernstein theorem
Propositional logic
Konig's lemma
First order logic
Logical axioms


Homework problems will be assigned and collected on a week-to-week basis. Problems will be taken from Enderton, the lecture notes, and my head. All homework problems will be written on the board and/or course web page.