Ari Pattanayak

Ari Pattanayak is a graduating senior in the Rutgers College General Honors Program. He majored in Economics and German, and is currently unsure of what the future holds. The poor market conditions of the previous year have diverted his attentions away f rom a career on Wall Street, and he is now giving some consideration to socially productive activities, such as teaching. His interests lie in the Social Sciences. Development has always had a particular fascination for him, though unfortunately his poor skills in mathematics [sic] may dissuade him from pursuing graduate studies in Economics. He will, however, eventually return to graduate or professional school, by hook or by crook.
In the meantime he plans to leave for Europe - uncertain of when he will return. He is currently scheduled to begin a stint in the Finnish Army on July 9th. However, he is also contemplating becoming a United States citizen, which will free him from 9 co ld months guarding the Russian border in Lapland. Other plans include an internship with his former employers at KPMG consulting, either in London or Frankfurt. All in all, this New Jersey resident has quite a few important decisions to make in the course of the next few months. Stay tuned.

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