640:373 Numerical Analysis, Spring 2004 Section 1

More about the course and its history can be found at the main course page. Special information for this semester will be added below when available.

Syllabus for 640:250:17

Real world examples of consequences of numerical analysis blunders

Theorem 2.13 on page 88 of Burden and Faires is incorrect as stated in the text. We provide a corrected version and an example of the marked improvement that it can provide for fixed point iteration.

An interactive Bezier curve drawing application.

Special Office Hours for week preceeding exam:

2/27/04 12:00-1:00

3/01/04 3:00-4:00

3/02/04 1:30-2:30

3/03/04 3:00-4:00

3/04/04 1:30-2:30

Review problems for the midterm exam on March 4 in class.

Numerical Analysis Projects due by May 3

The FINAL EXAM is Friday, May 7, 12:00-3:00 PM in SEC 206.

You can review the Fall 2000 final exam for math 373 given by another professor.

Special Office Hours for Final Exam:

5/4/04 2:00-3:30

5/5/04 2:30-3:30

5/6/04 2:00-3:30